Anonymous asked:

How the hell do you find these people, I can't find a tist to work with me for my lifffffeee

hypnotic-surrender answered:

Well it helps that I only joined tumblr and started this blog in the first place because I met S, my first ever proper hypnotist, and she suggested I blog about my experiences. So if I’d never met her, you’d never know about me.

Unsurprisingly hypnotists are among the people who would be interested in a blog recounting real life stories of personal experiences with hypnosis. So during my time blogging every now and then I’ve had the odd (normal, non-trance) conversation with other hypnotists who follow my blog.

And sometimes those conversations move in the direction of “hey, we should try hypnosis together some time”. So I’m afraid the only advice I can offer is be lucky enough to find one hypnotist, start blogging about the fun things you both get up to, and that’ll likely attract other hypnotists you could start talking to.

Sadly that advice isn’t very helpful if you can’t find the first one…


Anonymous asked:

Just out of curiosity, want do you consider your failings?

femdomhotwifecuckoldinterracial answered:

Lots of things. Pushing my boy too fast and too hard into things he wasn’t ready for. Being too selfish. Spending too much time away from him. Not considering his feelings and anxieties as much as should have. Not involving him in things I was doing with other men. Letting discipline go because I was too busy, and self-involved. Too much FemDom and not enough Loving Wife. Restricting the pussy too much. Encouraging his involvement with Emily.