She looks a lot like my girlfriend. I’ll post actual videos of my girlfriend if she knows enough horny men want to actually see it




It’s no secret that long time chastity makes me a “QuickSpurt”.
At least the first couple of times after being unlocked. My wife thinks it’s kind of cute and keeps making jokes about it. On more than one occation I actually have climaxed on my first thrust or even before I could enter her properly.

It’s 1 month today until my next weekend of orgasms.
At dinner today my wife asked me if I was looking forward to it.
Then she followed up with “How long do you think you’ll last this time?”

Awesome video!  Love the big load.  I am exactly the same and my girl teases me the same way.  I don’t even get fully hard if I’ve been in the cage for a few days.  I think the cage is basically going to make me un-fuckable for her….but it’s just so hot to lose control of my orgasm and have her own it like ths 

Sometimes I wish I could come that fast!